Information Technology (IT)

Management Information System (Need & Appropriate IT Tools)

As information is considered to be an important asset for any organization, AJKRSP relies on authenticated data and it’s processing to meaningful and effective information, presented in customized formats as per the peculiar needs of management and professional staff. Stake holder’s information including community institutions, individuals, line departments, donors etc. is something required in day to day businesses of the organization for which reliable and effective information systems are required. In the meantime, AJKRSP’s operations are facilitated by programme and support sections which deal in mass information with moderately high complicacy and sophistication.

To remain competitive in efficiency and effectiveness of administration and programme, AJKRSP has fully adopted technology based management information systems to improve processes and operations of all its important sections. Information Technology (IT) is the major tool through which AJKRSP maintains all databases, decision support systems and office automation systems. The IT is mainly responsible for overall picturization of the operations and acting as a communication and planning tool.

  • Database Management & Information
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Office Automation System
  • Visibility and Presentation through website


Database Management & Information:
AJK Rural support Programme developed database Management information system to record & retrieve appropriate information of Local Support organizations (LSO s), village organizations (VO s) and community organizations (COs).

  • MIS of Social Mobilization & Institutional Development (SM&ID


Decision Support Systems:
Financial and administrative control is considered to be an important factor of any organization for better accountability and decision making; AJKRSP developed decision support systems for financial and administrative control.

  • Financial Information System (FIS)
  • Credit MI


Office Automation System
AJKRSP developed office automation system to support and facilitate the concerned sectors heads and management which are:-

  • Human Resource (HR) Management Information System
  • Inventory Management Information System
  • Vehicle Management Information System
  • BIO Office Time & Attendance Syste


Visibility and Presentation through website
AJKRSP developed its on Website for communication and Information sharing.