About Us

AJKRSP is a state level Rural Support Programme (RSP), registered under the Companies Ordinance act 1984.  The organization was registered on October 27, 2007 to foster participatory community development in the region. Its origin is based on the lessons learned from the past 30 years,   experiences of different community development projects and RSP model.

Since 1994 a series of consultative meetings and deliberations among stakeholders, development experts and policy makers were arranged in the AJK to generate a common opinion to suggest the “missing link” between community and public sector to promote sustainable development using participatory, collaborative and integrated approaches.   Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan, an eminent scholar in participatory development advocated for creating a State level RSP who will guide and manage community institutions on a permanent basis. The will of the GOAJK and the support of donors especially IFAD along with Mr. Khan’s vision culminated into the evolution of AJKRSP as a separate legal entity.

In 2009, a critical review of the working of AJKRSP led to the reorganisation of AJKRSP’s governance and management structure and reformulation of its strategies. Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan accepted the offer of GoAJK to join the AJKRSP Board. During this process, the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) also assisted the AJKRSP in setting up operational systems. The fact that NRSP also has presence in the AJK, both AJRKSP and NRSP recognized the need to collaborate for strategic planning and operational actions. This collaboration enabled the AJKRSP to expedite the roll out of new strategies and plans.

The basic premise of AJKRSP is to study and build viable community institutions of local communities, applying an organic, sociological, and pragmatic approach. These community institutions would function and perform as recognized entities for service providers i.e. government line departments and other development agencies to ensure equitable distributions of public and private resources targeting the poor, marginalized and vulnerable segments of the society. Simultaneously, it will disseminate and enhance knowledge, skills and build common understanding on development priorities at local level and develop effective communication linkages for sharing information with government and other stakeholders. This will build confidence and incorporate peoples’ perspective in development planning at all levels.

The AJKRSP envisions that the entire population of AJK is organized in the form of their own institutions. The community institutions and their activists are recognized by the government, donors and private developmental agencies as vehicles for sustainable development, poverty reduction and improving the quality of life.

To foster institutions of people to unleash their potential in AJK, build capacity and linkages for effective social and economic development, with particular focus on poor and vulnerable.